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    Array performance is the biggest issue I've run into doing these examples.  Many of the examples use large arrays, or worse, large multidimensional arrays, I've tried jagged arrays and locking the array in memory and grabbing a pointer to the array using unsafe code, but I still get about the same performance using either of these methods.  Anyone have any tricks to speed up array usage?  Good examples would be NeHe lesson 11 and the redbook teapots example.  These both use multidimensional arrays and are quite slow (the teapots uses the GLUT shapes, which is where the arrays come into play).  Someone buy me a clue...

    • Anonymous - 2002-10-16

      The reason we used Arrays was to avoid pointers
      to make the codes easier to read and understand
      for people who are just starting with OpenGL
      if any one has any other suggestions to speed up the performance, we would like to hear about it

    • Randy Ridge

      Randy Ridge - 2002-10-16

      Yeah, I know, I'm the one who made the post heh i just wasn't logged in at the time...  :P

    • Anonymous - 2002-10-16



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