I am trying to set up a CsGL context to render to a bitmap instead of the screen - I want to stream the bitmap over the internet when the rendering is finished.

It seems to me that I should use GDIGLContext. I've tried this:

Bitmap theBitmap = new Bitmap(width,height);
Graphics gphCanvas = Graphics.FromImage(theBitmap);
DisplayType dispType = new DisplayType(DisplayFlags.DRAW_TO_BITMAP,true);
GDIGLContext theContext = new GDIGLContext(gphCanvas);

... and then using the regular GL.gl<function name> OpenGL commands for rendering.

But all I get is a black bitmap. Am I on the right track? If so, when rendering, should I use GL.gl<function name> or GDIGLContext.gl<function name>?

I have not found any information on this topic anywhere. Surprising, since one would think that generating OpenGL-style web images on-the-fly would be a hot feature on many sites.

Thank you,

Andreas O.