First I'd like to thank you for this wonderful wrapper. It's great and now I can finnaly move to c# ;-)
I'm working on a little project and would like to use vertex programs. I've modified the extension header file in order to generate the OpenGL_Extensions.cs file (though I found it strange as it is written in extension-supported.txt that this extension is already supported in 1.4.1). So far so good. But when I try to compile the program with the glProgramStringARB (I convert the program itself from string to byte []) and then query the error with glGetString(GL_PROGRAM_ERROR_STRING_ARB) the error returned is quite strange as it says that the first instruction should be !!ARBvp1.0 (and it is).
I guess it's a mess with the types?!?
Any suggestions?

Thanks and keep up the good work