Hi ! I'm writing a domino-animation demo ( see download link below)
, and I would like to dump the animated frames to disk. I encountered the following problem:
----pseudo code------------
public sealed class View : OpenGLControl;
for (i=1 to 1000) {
   View.glDraw() //I draw an OpenGL scene
   View.Context.ToImage("a.bmp"); //Want to save picture
But the ToImage() throws an exception:
"... type 'CsGL.Util.NativeException' occurred in csgl.dll      Additional information: The requested resource is in use."

What should I do with the Context, to make it be not in use?! The openGL-drawing is locking the Context, and I can't call Context.ToImage() !

Any Idea?

PS: you can download my domino-animator program at: http://web.axelero.hu/kssoftware/balazs/Development/indexEN.htm