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Version 0.2.0 with Cg

Version 0.2.0 now wrapps the NVidia-Cg-Toolkit; it also includes some minor bugfixes

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-09-04

Working on Cg

There is currently a heavy development for Cg-support. And if there are no bugs in the current stable version, the next version will be 0.2.

We are working on it, stay tuned :)

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-08-09

Version 0.1.1 with Gtk#-Widget

There is now a simple and not well tested OpenGL-Gtk#-Widget

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-07-17

First Screenshots

Screenshots of some simple exaples are available at http://www.csdragons.de/?id=18

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-07-17

Lesson 01

There is now a documented version auf tutorial lesson 01 available at http://www.csdragons.de/?id=19

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-07-17

Tutorials available in CVS

We started to create some tutorials based on the NeHe-Tutorials. Because there are just a few lessons without much documentation there is no file release but a CVS module tutorials and a growing section website.

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-07-15

Version 0.1 released!

Today the projected was placed at SourceForge and simultaneous version 0.1 was released.

Posted by Tim Raedisch 2004-07-12