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cscope-15.8b released

This is primarily a bug fix release.

It also incorporates the addition of the "find assignments to" search, which existed in other branches of this tool, but not in this one.

Posted by Hans-Bernhard Broeker 2015-04-04

cscope-15.8a released

cscope-15.8a is a release to include all the bug fixes accumulated since 15.7a.

Posted by Hans-Bernhard Broeker 2012-08-04

cscope-15.7a bugfix release

This is a quick bug fix release to replace 15.7. It fixes some stack overflows, correctly reports its version number.

Posted by Hans-Bernhard Broeker 2009-04-30

cscope: 15..7 bugfix release

Cscope is a text screen based source browser

cscope 15.7 is tagged and released

Minor bugfix release including various fixes:
*Some build file updates for newest autotools
*Fixes for some screen redraw corner cases
*Fixes for newline handling in dir names
*Fixes for non-readable files
*A few crash fixes
*Fixes to handle hpp/hxx files
*Fixes to clean tmp files on exit
*Minor lexer fixes
*Documentation enhancement... read more

Posted by Neil Horman 2009-02-04

cscope-15.6 bugfix release

In the ligth of various security issues that came up recently, I've decided to rush this bug-fix release. Among other things, it contains pre-built flex and yacc outputs, so it should be easier on people with no or faulty flex and bison installations.

Posted by Hans-Bernhard Broeker 2006-09-30

cscope-15.5 bugfix release

To finally get rid of the ceaseless stream of duplicate bug reports about the enclosed source file egrep.y being rejected by recent versions of GNU Bison, I'm releasing this bugfix version of cscope. Source tarball is out; binary packages for a select few platforms will be added as they arrive here.

Posted by Hans-Bernhard Broeker 2003-09-04

Cscope 15.3 Released

- New flex scanner
- XEmacs support improvements
- Vim support improvements
- 64 bit fixes
- MSDOS support (available as
- More editing keys
- Webcscope added to contrib

Posted by Petr Sorfa 2001-07-03

Cscope 15.1 Released

This version contains an improved interface, major bug fixes and enhancements.

Posted by Petr Sorfa 2000-12-08

Cscope 15.0bl2 Released

Version cscope 15.0 pre-alpha build level 2 released.

Lots of fixes and enhancements, autoconf support and code cleanup.

Although pre-alpha, its probably more stable than 13.0

Posted by Petr Sorfa 2000-05-15

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