#28 modify the method of showing the search result


in shell, the representation of the command 'grep' result is acceptible. because it continously reveals the results whenever the string matches, not wait for being finished the search.

but in cscope, when I use command 'cs find'. I have to wait for the result util the search is done. it is the only(?) drawback of cscope that I have.

so, I suggest a feature to enhance the time of waiting search result. If the number of search result is to be larger than specific number, makes cscope to show the results already found to user, and continue the search task in background job. and a key pressed, then cscope shows the next amounts of search results.

I will wait for new version of cscope included that feature. :-)


  • Neil Horman

    Neil Horman - 2008-05-08

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    Originator: NO

    You're asking for a good deal more than you realize. the find function of cscope under the cover isn't just a child process doing a grep, its cscope itself. Its a single threaded process which is only capable of doing one thing at one time. Its certainly possible to start posting the results of a find operation prior to its completion, but as its written currently, its not possible for cscope to respond to navigation commands while its in progress (i.e. you can slect a displayed item to view, or page the results, or type in another search). To do that we would have to make the application multi-threaded, or multiprocess, and institute enough locking throughout the code base to make it safe. While thats certainly possible, I don't see that its overly helpful. Full text regex searches of the linux kernel take less than a minute on my system, that doesn't seem too bad to me

  • Neil Horman

    Neil Horman - 2008-05-08
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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