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Command Script Release

You should consider this release a 'service pack'. It fixes a couple of
bugs, adds a bit of documentation to the code and provides a few API additions.
You can now use the CSC4 Compiler as a part of your own compiler. It sss
provides methdos for compiling strings that contain expressions or whole code blocks.

The only change to the virtual machine, are type locks. When you have to
call a specific overload of a .NET method, you'll have to explicitly type-cast the arguments
so the VM won't implicitly convert them to match another overload.

Posted by SealedSun 2006-07-24

Command Script Release

Many things have changed since the last release of Command Script. The completely rewritten build system now supports procedure overriding, interface procedures as well as forward declaration of procedures and commands (in case they are not available at compile time).

Also new is CSC4's support for manual labels and a feature called "static content". Text within <: and :> will be directly sent to the Hosts output or used as an expression, based on its position. Now you can use CSC4 as a template language for text processing...... read more

Posted by SealedSun 2006-04-13

Command Script Release

I have fixed some severe bugs from the last version and added two new features:

- Application Source Model
- Fully Qualified Type Name support

as well as a new command: array(int, [type]) where you can also submit the name of the type as a string.

Posted by SealedSun 2006-01-30

Command Script Release

Yes, it's been a long time. Have a look at the Changelog and you know why. New in this release are the so called 'embedded procedures'. If you don't like to put all your code in procedures, you may now just type your code in the plain script file if you prepend your program with the line 'embedded procedure nameOfYourProcedure'. And yes, in case you omit nameOfYourProcedure, the procedure will automatically be called 'main'

Posted by SealedSun 2006-01-05

Command Script Release

In this release I refactored parts of the engine to make extending the library easier. It's now possible to write your own language compiler and use it with the script file format without the need to recompile the engine.

I also included a first prototype of the CSC4Library documentation but it's not complete yet and I hope there aren't too many spelling mistakes ;-)

Posted by SealedSun 2005-12-04

Command Script Release

This release of Command Script 4 has been tested and built on the .NET framework 2.0.
I had to rewrite parts of the CSC4Compiler in order to fix the bug that made statements like the following impossible
Previously the compiler interpreted it as
which leads to an exception.

If you are a .NET developer looking for an easy way to add scripting support to your application, you might want to have a look at CSC4 ;-)
And yes, compiling CSC4 is faster than generating assemblies at runtime...

Posted by SealedSun 2005-11-26

CSC4 beta-preview release

I just released a preview of the command script 4 engine and compiler. Since I'm still using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, I'm not sure whether the code will compile and run on the final version of VS/.NET 2. As soon as I get my copy of VS2005, I'll provide a real beta release without any known bugs...

A CSC4 release will always contain the CSC4Engine and a command line tool for compiling and/or running CSC4 scripts.

Posted by SealedSun 2005-11-25

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