We at FRIB would like to implement the BNL MASAR (save/restore) in CS-Studio.  Because MASAR uses PVAccess, Matej's plugin for pvaccess to PVManager would give a good start (the interface itself just using VTypes).
It might be fun to do a mock up (considering BNL's pyQt MASAR, and the many other save/restore interfaces), and see if we can agree on some basic behaviors.
Your thoughts on this?
Our timeline, is to get something within this year (preferably before fall, when we come out of a shutdown).

Thank you!

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 8:16 AM, Matthias Clausen <Matthias.Clausen@desy.de> wrote:
Hi all,
we are looking for a save/ restore implementation for CSS.
Did anybody work on that?
As I recall there was once an attempt at SLAC to start such a
development. But I do not know the outcome.

If something is available - please let me know.
If you plan such a development - let me know as well. Maybe we can share
the effort.


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