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Cs-ObexFtp IRC Channel

irc server is : irc.freenode.net

irc chanel is : #cs-obexftp

Have a fun !

Posted by surfzoid 2009-04-16

New release of openobex (1.4) is aviable

Windows users can find the new release of openobex (for windows) here :

Linux user can get the source from here :

Posted by surfzoid 2008-11-08

Mono Updater GUI

I have writed a GUI for Mono update under linux/nix :
I will integrate it in Cs-ObexFtp, because with a old Mono Version (< 1.2.6) Cs-ObexFtp start, but with bugs from the Mono FrameWork, update to the last Mono, solve most of them

Posted by surfzoid 2008-07-07

HowTo Cs-ObexFtp under Windows

Posted by surfzoid 2008-06-21

New openobex dll and Bluetooth adervtising

Use the new openobex dll who fix the problem of poluate data during a transfert.
Added Bluetooth Advertising to send multiple files to multiples devices in one clcik.

Posted by surfzoid 2008-06-09

New AboutBox

As shown in the screenshots section (https://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=206501&ssid=84527), i added the Mono Powered icon and list of all files with version, in the AboutBox.

Posted by surfzoid 2008-05-31

Linux users

Hi comunity,
From now i use opensuse build service/server to make distro distribution so you can find most of package for your distro here :

Posted by surfzoid 2008-04-25

New release, all-in-one

The last today release, cs_obexftp- and linux0.13 tar.bz2 provides both the third party library from openobex team, this one add the C# support at the standar obexftp package(rpm, deb...), they don't yet support latin accentued character, but it should come soon (the code is ready, just need to release it).
This new files are installed in a exclusive dir (/usr/lib/cs-obexftp) without poluate the existing one of your system.

Posted by surfzoid 2008-04-20

Welcome Willi

Welcome to Willi developer, whose just joint Cs-ObexFtp Project.

Posted by surfzoid 2007-12-10

Moving News to the Wiki :

Posted by surfzoid 2007-12-02

Operation interthread

Under windows, there was a problem with operation interthread, version 0.12 solve this, but there is alaws a memory management problem.

Posted by surfzoid 2007-11-20

Videos demo

Just fresh upload two flash video demo created with WINK, to demonstrate the use of Bluetooth or Irda conection to my phone(s).
You can see them by going into the documentation section or directly by here :

Posted by surfzoid 2007-11-13


Added un Script for unix/linux who use Xdialog to provide a GUI who download and install/update the last version of mono, like this you are sur to have the good version to use Cs-ObexFtp, you are encouraged to read the note before download it.

Posted by surfzoid 2007-11-01

Latin character

A new set of dll's are now avaible in the SVN of Cs-ObexFtp who add the suport of latin accentued charcter in the openobex/obexftp stuff from http://dev.zuckschwerdt.org/openobex/

Posted by surfzoid 2007-10-20

Translation / international

Translation of Wiki is in progress, the goal is to have the documentaion on the Wiki in English, French, German and Spanish.

Helping on it or corect is really welcome.

Posted by surfzoid 2007-10-06

Bad old Jobexftp link at the Wiki

I forget to replace the bad old link of Jobexftp in the Wiki pages, so normaly now all link are to Cs-ObexFtp now.

Posted by surfzoid 2007-10-06

Last C# OpenObex Dll

The last OpenObex dll from openobex official site doesn't work with windows openobex portability, so i remake a windows setup with the old one who work and add a WindowsDllPack.zip

Posted by surfzoid 2007-09-29

Developer wanted

All developer who have C# knowledge are welcome.
Send me a request at

Posted by surfzoid 2007-09-28