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New release in the works

I am currently working on a new release that will change the communication between the client and the server drastically.

Changes being worked on:
2 way communication for progress monitoring
seperate configs for each device and track
config file usage
user defined filename conventions
iso9660 conformity
more efficient daemon mode
id3v2 support

The client gui script is being overhauled to support the vast configurability of each track and device. the server script will be updated to allow for more configurability, via config file reading, user defined constructs. the server script will also have hooks to allow the user to define a script that does the
ripping, encoding, and transportation of files.... read more

Posted by Jason Switzer 2003-03-10

1.3 Release!

Ok I apologize for the delay, but I finally got to releasing my current version. I've had to do several rewrites, that is why it's starting at v1.3. I also uploaded my older versions, but for some reason, once you add a release to the SF site, you cant remove it....

At any rate, 1.3 is up. It was the last major rewrite for CDDB query checks (for/against automation) and the daemon mode fix. Everything is in a working state right now, and I simply have only features to add. Check the TODO for those.... read more

Posted by Jason Switzer 2003-02-28


I apologize for the delay in release. I just noticed a bug last night that is kinda critical.... I am also nearly done writing a simple GUI frontend to the client script. It will be written in Perl/Tk and pretty simplistic in design.

I promise I will release everything soon....

Posted by Jason Switzer 2003-02-27

New page up

I just got my approval today. The code is in a working condition, in fact, I've been using it for a few days now.

I need to clean up the code, document it some, and then I'll release it tonight.

There are a few features I want to add, hopefully I'll be able to add them tonight.

Check back frequently.

Posted by Jason Switzer 2003-02-25

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