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Version 0.93alpha1 available for download and testing

Version 0.93alpha1 is available for download and testing. There is no fancy packaging, just source .tar.gz. It also contains precompiled binaries for i586 (built on Slackware 12.0).

Posted by gyver 2009-02-11

Sources put to CVS

I have just finished task of splitting Crystality to the engine and the frontends, I've also done some fixes and cleanups. So I decided it's the time to put the sources to SourceForge's CVS.

Posted by gyver 2009-02-09

Crystality is maintained!

Some years ago I have written crystality-plugin for XMMS but, unfortunately, I could not maintain it. After years, I found there is still a lot of interest around my old project so I decided to maintain it. However, I have very limited time resources so things will probably happen not as quickly as I'd like.
Before I put anything to CVS or Subversion I have to do some work that will help to manage the code.
First of all - I'm going to split code to "core" and "frontends" and make "core" independent of external components. The API will be reworked then frozen.
I also consider relicensing to something less restrictive than GPLv1. I think it should be something like it but it should explicitly allow linking Crystality with closed code with the exception of a DRM using one.... read more

Posted by gyver 2008-09-01