New tutorial project

  • Matthew

    Matthew - 2005-08-13

    I've started a tutorial project which aims to demonstrate the features of several engines using a consistant programming style. Hopefully people will find it useful for learning different engines without having to wade through a bunch of different tutorials.

    The current realease shows off some of the more basic aspects of 4 engines: Ogre, Crystal Space, Nebula 2 and Irrlicht. you can download it from

    If people find this useful I'll expand the tutorials to cover more aspects of the engines, and maybe include more engines as well.

    • F Richter

      F Richter - 2005-08-13

      Sounds like a good plan - interesting to see code of equivalent functionality side-by-side. As I (naturally) hardly see code utilizing the other engines, it serves as an opportunity to compare them.

      I have to nag a bit about the distribution: an .msi file seems overkill - a .zip would probably suffice and could be opened by non-Windows users, and since most(all?) of the engines are cross-platform capable, it's probably a good idea to give that aspect some room in future versions.

      • Matthew

        Matthew - 2005-08-16

        The MSI was just convenienceĀ  it was easier to select the files I wanted to package using a setup project than to go through and pick them out for a zip file. It was also because all the projects are Visual Studio, but I suppose people can still look at the source. Ill package up a zip in the next few hours and post it online.

    • F Richter

      F Richter - 2005-08-13

      You've written "minumum" instead of "minimum" a couple of times.

      Wrt CrystalSpace 01:
      - you're starting off with statically linking a lot of plugins; however, statically linking apps is mostly considered an "advanced" feature - so maybe consider leaving that out of the tutorials.
      - when not linking statically, you only need to link against libcrystalspace(_d).lib.
      - you don't need to include <windows.h>, what CS needs from the Windows headers is included through its own headers.

      CS 02:
      - CS defines "PI", "RotationSpeed = PI" might be easier to read ;)

      None of those are critical, just things that deviate a bit from what I think is "good style". Otherwise, looks good CS-wise.

    • Eric Sunshine

      Eric Sunshine - 2005-08-13

      It probably would be a good idea to announce your tutorial project on the crystal-main mailing list in order to give it wider exposure.

  • thao

    thao - 2017-01-07

    None of those are critical, just things that deviate a bit from what I think is "good style". Otherwise, looks good CS-wise


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