Greetings! This is to announce the creation of the Frequently Asked Questions document for the Crypto++ library.
Well almost... in fact, what we have is a structure/tool for the collection and browsing of questions and answers. It is organised into categories and sub-categories relevant to the Crypto++ library. All that is missing is the content - which is where you come in.
We are using an easy-to-use Perl/CGI tool called the Faq-O-Matic which has two functions:
1. provide a decent browsing and searching tool for the FAQ
2. allow contributions to be easily submitted from members of the Crypto++ community.
So, in future, please check the FAQ before asking a question, and consider updating the FAQ when you get a satisfactory answer.
I have volunteered to be the administrator (which means keeping the Faq-O-Matic going). If you are interested in taking over the moderation of a sub-part of it (from an editorial stand-point) please offer. There are also opportunities for experienced Crypto++ developers to 'seed' the FAQ with tutorial-type material.
Without further ado - the URL:
Kindest regards,
Alister Lee.