• Sven Neuhaus

    Sven Neuhaus - 2000-12-19

    How about some documentation on Sourceforge so people will know better what this is about... "cryptcat - encrypting netcat" doesn't quite cut it.

    • David Green

      David Green - 2001-02-19

      For the "netcat" home page check out - netcat is a utility like cat, but it deals with tcp ports (in either connect or listen mode) rather than files. so...

      nc -l -p 1000 > myfile

      listens on port 1000 and outputs the contents of the first connection to myfile

      nc somehost 1234 > myfile

      connects to somehost on port 1234 and outputs the contents of the conversation to myfile.

      It's actually two-way though and the examples I gave ya are just saving one half of the conversation and not feeding anything back into it.

      So, an encrypting netcat would be something like the above that supports SSL which is actually quite neat. Gonna download it and try it out now...

      David Green


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