On Wednesday, 2 May 2012, Glenn Boysko wrote:

It appears that the root problem may be relate to the fact these externals in subdirectories underneath the localWorkingCopy root.


Looking at SVN.java, it seems it is forming the SVN LOG command incorrectly. It doesn’t include the path to the LOG command. It seems like in getModifications that it should be using the directory in the svnURL parameter.


Do you think it's depending on the working directory?



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Hello All:


Has anyone else had problems with CruiseControl (2.8.4) identifying modifications in an SVN repository that contains externals?


I am setting checkExternals="true" in my svn element (which is a child of modifcationset).


I am finding that the cruisecontrol.log contains lines of the form:


2012-05-02 09:30:47,846 [Thread-28140] WARN  SVN              - svn: 'Xyz' is not under version control

2012-05-02 09:30:47,854 [Thread-28137] ERROR SVN              - Error executing svn log command svn log --non-interactive --xml -v -r '"{2012-04-29T12:12:57Z}":"{2012-05-02T13:30:47Z}"' --no-auth-cache --username foobar --password foobar Xyz


The svn:externals property is defined for this directory as:


^/Common/CSharp/Xyz Xyz


Also, within the svn element I set localWorkingCopy.



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