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New version 0.1.0-rc10 released !

- fixed loading some types of png files
- fixed the compilation warnings
- scan the MP3 directory after select the new directory with Soldat files
- fixed refreshing player's status information

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2010-04-16

New version 0.1.0-rc7 released !

- colored bots in all modes
- show death dot in stats window
- reset playlist in GUI when change game mode
- next part of classes' refactoring
- added initial support for arguments line
- use 'Txt/weaponnames.txt' file
- use versioning for config file - prevents a segmentation fault at startup
- other improvements

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2010-02-22

New version 0.1.0-rc6 released !

- better controls, time based movement
- added player status above the jet fuel bar
- colored bots in DM mode
- added next sounds
- expanded player tab in GUI
- some other fixes and improvements

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2010-02-17

New version 0.1.0-rc5 released !


- improved chat and command line
- improved DM mode (added time's and kills' limit)
- colored names of bots (based on .bot files)
- drawing bonuses on the screen (initial work)
- next part of minor improvements

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2010-02-16

New version 0.1.0-rc4 released !

What's new ?
- update stb_image_aug.c file from SOIL library to 1.18 version and fix some warnings
- improvements in grenades collisions
- added next few sounds
- start to implement command line, improved chat window
- refactoring classes
- many others fixes and improvements

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2010-02-13

New version 0.1.0-rc3 released !

Sources are available on the official site -

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2009-12-30

!!! Moving to Google Code Hosting !!!

The project is now moving to Google Code hosting, at

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2009-08-09

New version 0.1.0-rc1 released !

- possibility to select gun with a key
- start to implement chat window
- fixed displaying maps' lists
- some improvements in GUI
- support for M3U playlists

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2009-08-07

New version 0.1.0-beta released !

- window with list of players' scores (see README.txt)
- fix displaying new map after closing previous one
- insert all map-specific structures and variables into Map class
- start to use bots' config files from Bots/ directory
- some other minor fixes

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2009-08-06

New version 0.1.0-alpha released !

What's new ?:
- added next few sounds
- start to implement simple 3D audio effects
- fixed audio volume changing
- fixed displaying map list
- fixed many memory leaks
- some fixes in HUD
- improved GUI
- possibility to take screenshots, show FPS's, stop/play music,
set to previous and next music track (see README.txt)
- update stb_image from SOIL library to 1.18 version

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2009-08-04

New version 0.1e released !

What's new ?:
* should work now on 64-bit systems
* fix timers
* many improvements in GUI system
* use weapons.ini file from Soldat directory
* new config file parser - based on SimpleIni 4.11
- the code is now much more readable

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2009-08-03

New version released !

What's new in 0.1d ?
vastly improve overall performance
remove sdl_image (use built-in 'soil' library) and sdl_ttf dependency
clean the code
improve spawnpoints calculating
initially implemented waypoints

Posted by Paweł Konieczny 2008-12-02

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