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About CRTMPSrvMod.

CRTMPSrvMod is CRTMPServer (http://rtmpd.com) derived work.

CRTMPSrvMod is developed on Win32 and contains many Win32 fixes of CRTMPServer code.

CRTMPSrvMod contains new application 'reflector' which is designed to:

1) proxying all incoming client requests (like 'externalStreams' feature of CRTMPServer applications proxying some of client requests);

2) automatically retry its outgoing connections to source server;

3) report current clients list by JsonCli protocol.

Code derived from CRTMPServer is under /svn-rtmpd-com branch.

Changed CRTMPSrvMod code is under /trunk branch.

Of cause CRTMPSrvMod is under development and contain bugs.