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CRRCsim 0.9.13 released

This new release features further improvements and new functionalities:

  • Internationalisation: added translation in Czech.
  • Various improvements/fixes/new features to the aircraft aerodynamics and windfield models:
    • fixed airmass rotation effect (e.g. thermals)
    • added flap non linear effect & spoiler pitching moment
    • improved propeller simulation
    • added a realistic wind turbulence model based on MIL-HDBK-1797, setup in wind dialog.
  • New models:
    • Graupner/Tangent Pilatus B4 2.6m
    • Generic F3F glider, with realistic aerodynamics
    • Sebart Angel S30E electric aerobatic model
  • Option to load model's mixer setting, if defined
  • Scene/airplane rendering and graphics development:
    • added anti aliasing
    • resizing of windows reactivated for Win32 version
    • added "smart camera" mode
    • added 3D wind vector visualisation option, toggled by View menu or W key
    • much improved realism of shadows (airplane and scene objects) and sun light
    • sun position & haze now defined in scenery file
    • added model view window, toggled by M key
    • improved treatment of translucent and partially translucent objects in scene (e.g. trees)
    • new "population" tag to distribute objects in the scene
    • fixed most airplane models and scene object 3d files (normals and degenerated surfaces)
  • New scenery: Simple woods, a simple "urban slope" scenery
  • F3F mode: optionally shows the planes of the bases for easier identification of model position.
  • New F3A mode.
  • Others bug fix
Posted by Luca Gasparini 2016-04-13

CRRCsim 0.9.12 released

The source tarball for the new version 0.9.12 has been released today!

Release Notes for CRRCSim 0.9.12
- Automatic adaptation of the resolution to that of the screen in fullscreen mode
- Internationalisation : messages are now on Englich, German, Italian or French. The users can contribute to the translation in the other languages.
- Controls/configures dialogue improvement. Combined with test_mode. Works now after a crash (bug fix).
- New calibration method.
- Improvement of the dialogue of scenery selection. Alphabetical sorting. Preview. Sky or resolution choice stored for every location.
- New method of Wind Flow modelling from terrain, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (2d panel method in wind plane).
- Tools for Wind Flow visualisation
- Added Wasabi aerobatic glider model.
- Revised & enhanced mixer functionalities.
- Revised aero-model (stall,flap effect,other minor).
- Added HeadsUpDisplay compass showing azimuth and elevation of current viewport.
- New method of plan of the shadows. More realistic in the case of a ground not plan. (Simplified Shadow Volume method)
- More readable dialogues (no transparency)
- Console text display consumes less resources (reduces stuttering when much text is visible)
- Added spoiler function to keyboard (b = brake)
- Spoiler settings for Supra. - Others bug fix

Posted by Jan Reucker 2012-03-04

CRRCsim 0.9.9 released

The CRRCsim dev team proudly announces a new release of CRRCsim, the cross-platform open source r/c flying simulator.

Highlights in this release:

- GNU autotools support: CRRCsim can now be built using the standard ./configure && make install procedure.
- FMSPIC interface code cleanup, added /dev/ttyUSBx interfaces.
- 3D preview in aircraft selection dialog
- New transmitter interface "ZhenHua" for Walkera transmitters on the serial port.
- New pop-up console to display system messages.
- The audio input device for the AUDIO interface can now be selected in the controls dialog.
- More robust support for hotplugged audio devices.
- Sloppy camera: The camera can be configured to follow the model with a slight delay.... read more

Posted by Jan Reucker 2008-06-17

CRRCSim 0.9.8 Released

New model: The Gap65 is a beautiful aerobatics model airplane designed by Pierpaolo Garofalo

Moving control surfaces and steerable tail wheel

Added a SAL option to the launch dialog.

More realistic FDM parameters for the Flexifly XLM model.

CRRCSim can now interface to the Crossbow MNAV autopilot.

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2007-03-13

CRRCSim 0.9.7 Released

Release Notes for CRRCSim 0.9.7
- New, more realistic thermal model (V3).
- New airplane selector dialog
- Bugfix: joystick selection
- Sky rendering can now optionally be done by projecting 90-deg-FOV-textures (generated by TerraGen
- Sky and some scenery parameters can now be configured through the provided scenery files
- Added support for accessing multiple sound cards

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2006-11-07

CRRCSim 0.9.6 released

Release Notes for CRRCSim 0.9.6
- New XML file format replaces the existing .air file format.
- One model file can now feature more than one airplane
configuration (different looks, additional ballast, ...)
- Converted all existing .air files to the new .xml file format.
- Airplanes can now be assigned more than one sound file. All
sounds will be played simultaneously, the mix ratio can be
configured freely.
- New sound type: "glider" sound (depending on relative and
absolute speed of an airplane)
- Added a default glider sound file to some of the airplanes.
- Feature request #1184231 Mac OS X: file location change request:
saved in user preferences folder
- Removed static linkage of dlportio.dll on windows
- Added a platform-specific message box that displays errors if
CRRCsim was unable to start up
- Fixed a rendering problem with F3F mode: base pylons appear
translucent in training mode and text color should be white
in "normal" mode
- Fixed the problems with the sound folders for F3F on windows
- improvement of macosx video intialisation reliability
- added macosx xcode version 2.2 project file
- Fixed sky display anomaly on macosx and atirage pro video
- New model: Pemotec Flexifly XLM
- New stars-and-stripes-finish for the "Sport"
- Some more wind and thermal presets ... read more

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2006-03-03

New release: CRRCsim-0.9.5

Release Notes for CRRCSim 0.9.5

- New power and propulsion system: Instead of the old
"magic source of thrust" the powered planes now
feature a detailed simulation of the propulsion system.
It is mainly aimed towards electric planes and simulates
things like changing battery voltage over current drain
and capacity, engine/shaft/gearbox inertias and efficiency,
prop efficiency and prop folding.
- Added a battery capacity indicator to the HUD
- Added indicator for wind direction to the HUD
- Airplane 3D models are now rendered by loading common
3D file formats (AC3D, 3D Studio Max, ...) instead of
describing their geometry in the .air files.
- Video setup will now try different color depths before
giving up
- Fixed bugs #1251999/#1252344: CRRCsim crashed when
selecting the parallel interface on Win32
- Fixed a lot of coordinate system issues
- Lots of structural changes to the code... read more

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2005-11-12

Version 0.9.4 Released

F3F slope racing mode is now available to all CRRCsim users!

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2005-06-21

Version 0.9.2 Released

New features:
Graphical User Interface
Launch mode dialog box
Audio interface functionality on all platforms.
Improved joystick handling
Sound support
New aircraft
Cross platform source for OSX, Linux, Windows.
Windows installer

Many thanks to the crrcsim developers on sourceforge!

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2005-02-23

Code sync

I have updated the sourceforge CVS tree to include
the latest version, ie the version on the yahoo
groups web page.

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2001-10-09

New .air file!

I added a .air file for a 0.40 size sport airplane with a 4 foot wingspan, and 4 pound weight.

Posted by Jan Edward Kansky 2001-01-09

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