Crowns and Shadows

latest release version: none
scheduled release version: Alpha 1.0 - Andromeda (April 2013)

Crowns and Shadows is a turn-based strategy game of military and political domina-
tion. Command your armies in the field of battle, arrange a network of political alliances,
offer bribes and send assassins, or build castles and cities. Choose one of multiple paths
to build your empire and achieve victory for your House. Will you declare yourself King
and rule your empire with military might? Or will you choose to be a shadowy advisor,
the real power behind the crown?


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Table of Contents


Wiki: 1 Changelog
Wiki: 2 Installation
Wiki: 3 Gameplay
Wiki: 3.1 Houses
Wiki: 3.2 Characters
Wiki: 3.3 Regions
Wiki: 3.4 Armies
Wiki: 3.5 Alliances
Wiki: 3.6 Assassins
Wiki: 3.7 Bribes
Wiki: 4 Controls
Wiki: 5 Computer Opponents
Wiki: 6 Legal