#223 possible economy balance idea


Some people don't like the current economy of crossfire, for reasons such as: you can sell vast amounts of mushrooms of gourmet to get thousands of amber, or vast amounts of useless items that in real life no merchant would buy alot of, etc.

One possible and realistic solution is to somehow give shops a balance limit. For example: a shop might have a balance limit of 1 amber. Say someone tries to sell 100,000 mushroom of gourmet to the shop. Well, they will sell 1 amber worth and then the owner says "Sorry, I'm currently out of funds."

The balance could be permanent, and maybe shops like this would have a constant slow income, so they regenerate their balance over time. Like in the case of the guy selling mushrooms, the shop would be permanently missing the funds it payed for the mushrooms, but over time it would regenerate its income back up until it reached its 1 amber limit. Or if someone bought items from the shop, that would contribute to the shops balance.

Also, in addition to this, there could be some sort of 'player shops' to encourage player to player buying and selling. Alestan already has thought of this concerning 'guild shops', which is a building next to the python guild where guilds could set prices for certain items they wish to sell and people could buy them from their shop if they want, and people could sell items to the shop if the guild set that as an item they want to buy.

If shop 'balance limit' was implemented, and there were shops like alestans idea or maybe just personal player shops, it seem like the economy would be alot more balanced.


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