#12 Newbie Bot - help those noobs :)


While i'm playing crossfire you see in the text window
a lot of newcomers dieing for silly reasons, such as:
starvation, forgeting to equiq armour or using cursed
stuff, attacking things far too hard, etc. Then you
quite often see this happen to the same player several
times, before they log off and never comes back. I know
there are signs, newbie tower and usually helpful
experienced players, but i think some kind of 'newbie
bot' could help them even more.

This 'newbie bot' could introduce the player to the
game and tell them about the basics of play (controls,
gameplay, do's and don'ts, etc). This would save on
reading manuals, signs, etc (ie: online tutorial). This
'newbie bot' could also add some kind of underling
background story/history to the crossfire world, which
most comercial rpg's have in the form of an intro.

It could also help stop newcomers repeatedly dieing for
silly reasons and help them out with life potions and
booby-prizes/gifts when they die (at low levels only),
along with advice on why they died, and how to not die
like this in future. This should stop people from
getting frustrated and leaveing, as i see all too

The 'newbie bot' could also provide help in a similar
way to the 'hoz bot' running on some servers, but could
also offer advice on 'things to do' based on what the
user requests and the current status of the user
(Level, class, etc). Examples could be quests,
missions, xp gaining ideas/places, item gaining
ideas/places, etc. I think this would keep a newcomer's
interest for longer and would be the next best thing to
an experienced player helping out online ('shouts').

I have lots of other ideas concerning this 'newbie
bot', but there is not enough space here. You can
contact me by email: jukofyork@yahoo.com (I have a good
knowledge of C/C++/AI/Linux and would be happy to help
- if you like this idea).


  • Mark Wedel

    Mark Wedel - 2005-08-23

    Logged In: YES

    I wonder if even a more newbie area could be appropriate.

    While scorn does have a newbie area, players may need to wander
    from it, and while all of scorn is relatively low level,
    there are certainly
    areas where a level 1 player could die.

    I'm not enthused about writing a bot - it seems like some
    well designed maps could do this - use of magic ears 'middle
    click to apply your weapons/armor', and perhaps an even
    somewhat guided map.

    Maybe an addtion of a level checker you need to be to get
    out of of the real newbie area (maybe also a password, so
    experienced players could get out).

    Maybe also give all new characters a decent pile of food so
    they won't easily starve.

  • David Delbecq

    David Delbecq - 2005-09-03

    Logged In: YES

    This is the purpose of the training house accessible
    from nexus! Maybe making it a mandatory area so
    newbies don't skip it easily would be a good thing.
    Today, newbies can even end up in navar by choosing
    wrong side of nexus.

  • David Delbecq

    David Delbecq - 2007-11-08

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO


    This has been years without updates. Is the newbie house mandatory now? Is it still possible for newbies to access navar, which is for experimented players (note, i didn't say experiented characters, theres is a difference)? Maybe we should stick to training house and perhaps make it better...? Maybe we should teleport dead 0 level players to training house for a forced training? Should we consider this RFE as implemented?? There has been no nwes from original poster....

  • meflin2

    meflin2 - 2011-12-29
    • status: open --> closed
  • meflin2

    meflin2 - 2011-12-29

    I consider the training map implimented.



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