#780 Invalidated map not redrawn after disconnect in OpenGL mode


Please note this is without compositing enabled in my window manager...

If you use the client, connect to a server, login with a character, and get to the point where you have a map displayed on-screen, then leave the game and disconnect from the server, the Server Selection window should reappear, and the area that displayed the map in the main window when you were playing the game does not refresh, and thus does that weird "I can paint with the window I move around" effect.

I'd say this is a fairly low priority to fix, as it doesn't adversely affect gameplay, and it actually provided me with a little entertainment for a couple minutes.

I attached a screenshot to show the effect I know I didn't explain well (since this effect is not concisely describable).

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  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2014-06-05
    • labels: --> gtk2-client
    • status: open --> analyzed
    • assigned_to: Kevin Zheng
    • Priority: 5 --> 3
  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2014-06-05

    I've seen this so many times that it didn't occur to me as a bug! Right now, the client uses GDK PixBuf in a custom component to draw map tiles. Unfortunately, this means that the map is not redrawn when the section of the screen is marked "dirty".

    I'm working on a private branch to remove the deprecated PixBuf API, which should consequently fix this problem. There's not ETA though, so it may end up being a while...

  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2014-06-14

    Quick check - does this happen in all rendering modes?

  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2014-06-15

    I'm only recreating it in OpenGL rendering mode. SDL had a few no refresh spots, but they would redraw when the front window is selected again. Pixmap didn't have any such issue.

  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2014-07-24
    • summary: Disconnecting from server after playing causes no-refresh area --> Invalidated map not redrawn after disconnect in OpenGL mode
  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2017-07-15

    This should no longer be an issue since the trunk client now lowers the main window when the server selection is up.

  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2017-07-15
    • status: analyzed --> feedback-needed

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