#778 Container not freed if destroyed while open


When applying the tables for crafting items (tanning, bench, cauldron, etc.), items can be made while the player has the table open. Should making the item fail, however, and in some way cause the table to be destroyed (via fire, uncontrolled mana, etc.), it causes the player's inventory to treat the table as open but non-existent when using keyboard/mouse command short-cuts to pickup/drop items.

For example, I tried using comma to pick up iron bars after one of these instances and got this message: "04:38 There is nothing in the container to move". Right-clicking to drop items also stops working after destroying an open table.


  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2014-06-04
    • status: open --> analyzed
  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2014-06-04

    If the open object has a pointer to the player object using it, then it should be easy to remove the player's open container. Otherwise, I think it's reasonable to do a check if the player's open container exists or not.

    Alternatively, implement a workaround where it is not allowed to perform alchemy on an open container.

    Last edit: Kevin Zheng 2014-06-04
  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2014-06-04

    Theoretically, the fix shouldn't be that different from the fix implemented for bug #755 (the one that froze players who boarded a wagon that was then destroyed). I'd have to poke around to find where I'd need to implement the check for the destroyed container.

  • Nicolas Weeger

    Nicolas Weeger - 2014-09-21

    I've been unabled to reproduce the bug on the trunk code.

    The lines in object.c from 1812 to 1822 are there exactly for this case, and were correctly called when I made my cauldron explode.

    So waiting for another way to reproduce :)

  • Nicolas Weeger

    Nicolas Weeger - 2014-09-21
    • status: analyzed --> feedback-needed
  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2015-03-19

    No feedback from submitter, so it sounds like this issue has been fixed. If not, please reopen this ticket.

  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2015-03-19
    • status: feedback-needed --> closed
    • assigned_to: Nicolas Weeger

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