#774 attacking with "fire" and "run-on" has different hit/miss ratios.


I'm not sure how easy this would be to diagnose, but here's my symptoms: I'm on invidious2.meflin.net with a lvl 72 dragon. Clawing level 39, Wc 4, Dam 48, Attackspeed 1.38. I have keys bound for "fire" and "fire_off", which let me fire spells etc for long periods of time without holding or pressing keys. However, I was just recently attacking some Retributioners when I noticed that I have a better hit-to-miss ratio when using the "fire" than when just running into them. I haven't timed it to see if one kills quicker, but judging from the attackmessages, run-on has a hit/miss ratio of about .8, while "fire" yields a ratio of about 5, which would be far more effective. Is this a problem? If you like, I can try to dump some attackmessages in a comment here, just let me know.


  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2015-12-15

    r20177 fixed a bug with phantom miss messages. That may have been the culprit here.

  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2015-12-15
    • status: open --> feedback-needed
    • Group: --> 1.72.0

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