#751 linux mint 14 client crash with ring of elements


OS : linux mint 14 on an usb stick created with "lili"
Client : build from source - 1.70

issue with Ring of Elements :
get one ring is ok, it can be take, drop, take again everywhere
get an other ring is ok too, but no way to get the two in the same "place"

place tested :
2 rings in the same pile : client crash when walking on the pile
1 ring in char inventory, one ring in a pile : can get all the items in the pile until the ring ... when get the ring, client crash

so, no way to get two Rings of Elements at the same place without geting a client crash, nor in a pile, nor in the inventory


  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2013-07-16

    Could you remind me how to 'create' a Ring of Elements? Or could someone else remind me how to look up artifact/treasures from the sources? That would be helpful in reproducing the bug for me, thanks in advance.

  • twixcy

    twixcy - 2013-07-16

    this ring comes from lake country - tower of sorcery - 2nd floor - elemental master
    with the same client i have the same result on invidious2
    client detail is attached with case 753 : https://sourceforge.net/p/crossfire/bugs/753/#ff1f

    i have to test it with my new client

  • twixcy

    twixcy - 2013-07-16

    no more crash with crossfire client from mint 14 packages on invidious2

  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2013-08-29
    • status: open --> closed
  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2013-08-29

    Works for submitter, and could not be reproduced using 1.70.0 client.


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