#739 Invidious Poison Bug


You suddenly feel very ill.
You poison Wraith.
Wraith stabs you.
You stab Wraith.
You miss Wraith!
15 times You miss High Angel!

Wraith is the name of the character (The Characters Race is a Wraith who is immune to poison)


  • Below50

    Below50 - 2012-03-30

    So i posted this, and i found out the cause. If you have "one handed skills" readied, and you "fire" it, with the command or with the arrow keys. It causes you to attack yourself. So any poisoned weapon, will attack you, and has a possibility to poison you, even if you are immune. I dont think you can actually damage yourself, but poisoning yourself does work.

  • Nicolas Weeger

    Nicolas Weeger - 2012-06-17


    Firing with 'fire' indeed fires on yourself, and you can hurt yourself this way :) It's also used to cast spells like icestorm all around you instead of in a specific direction.

    As for poisoning yourself, I couldn't reproduce it with a wraith, using a Venomtooth. I do cut myself, but no poisoning so far. What weapon did you use exactly?

  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2013-08-30

    Unexpected behavior could not be produced; no response from submitter.

  • Kevin Zheng

    Kevin Zheng - 2013-08-30
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> 1.11

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