#530 Server getting flooded

server (366)

This was done on metalforge.

I was dropping platinum coins one-by-one and then identifying the water (I was in the alchemy shop in Scorn), and then drinking the water and IDing that. Once I was finished, I tried getting all the bottles (they were not in the same stack as each other), and it made the server (not just me) freeze for a while, until I couldn't carry anymore. I tried this one more time (after making sure everyone was safe) to make sure it wasn't a coincidence.

A possible "fix", I think, would be to make it take a tiny amount of time to pick up an object, or somehow limit how many different object a player could pick up "at once".

Sounds sorta similar to what I think a DOS attack is... O.o


  • Rick Tanner

    Rick Tanner - 2007-11-29

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    Give or take about an hour.. approximately what time did this happen?

    This would help me in tracking down resource load & allocation on the server as part of the troubleshooting process.

  • Aeonoris

    Aeonoris - 2007-12-02

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    I'm not totally, sure, but I -think- I posted this just a bit after it happened... I don't know what time zone sourceforge is on, but it says 9:45, so...

  • Mark Wedel

    Mark Wedel - 2007-12-04

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    How many bottles are we talking about here? Hundreds? thousands?

    After they were picked up, did they end up merging in the inventory at that point?

    I have a guess as to the problem, but this info may help to confirm it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I think about 600ish, though I'm not sure. Yes, they merged in the inventory into two piles, IDed and unIDed. There were more on the ground (thousands, IIRC), but I just decided to cast alchemy on those, and it cleaned them all up.

  • Rick Tanner

    Rick Tanner - 2017-01-26
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  • Rick Tanner

    Rick Tanner - 2017-01-26

    Closing old ticket .


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