Hi bill, 

I will rearrange the page to have a paragraph for libcrm114 source tomorrow.

Are you planning to make some packages for majors distributions ?

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 7:48 PM, <wsy@merl.com> wrote:

Yes, please do!  (yes, I agree!)

And please also make the libcrm114 library you build against available
for download on the same site.  Both source and prebuilt binary
seems like a good idea to make it easy for others to use it.

> Here is the futur project website : http://gymx.net/php-crm114/
> The libcrm114 is staticely compiled with the php module.
> Based on your documentation, I have implemented the major functions.
> I'm open to discuss with you for any improvements or modifications.

I'm thinking about either re-coding the neural network for use with
the library style (that is, N outputs in one net) or using libFANN
instead.  I've not gotten great results with FANN so I've not decided

  - Bill