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Request for test

CRM-CTT 3.2.0 Is available for serious testing. It can be downloaded using the link on the project page at Any feedback is appreciated.

Posted by Hidde 2005-06-08

CRM-CTT 3.1.0 Released

Hi all,

3.1.0 is released. It's fixes some issues which came with 3.0.0, and some new powerful features were added. Here are the changes:

24/04/2005 Version 3.1.0 (small database adjustments, feature enhanchements)

- Totally redesigned administration page. Let me know what you think.
- Users can now also imported using plain-text CSV sheets
- Extra fields can now be given a default value
- Summary page searches can now be bookmarked
- Authenticated SMTP servers are now supported
- The mailer type is now configurable; can be either Sendmail (using the com-
mand line), mail (using the native PHP function) or smtp (using a network
connection to your or your provider's SMTP-server)
- Refurbished the triggers page. It's more readable now.
- Added 3 new event trigger options: stop-clock, start-clock, and reset-clock
- Added extra field breakdown in the quick summary (management information)
- Fixed an error which can cause a loop when having logtext set to "true".
- Fixed cookie problem - username and password will now always be remembered
and the main list layout will be displayed correctly
- Added support for exporting and importing the global settings table
- Added support for exporting and importing extra field definitions
- Read-only users will no longer lock an entity
- Fixed: Colorpicker popup wont close
- Fixed: invoicing with VAT-inclusive amounts (template issue: use LVAT i.s.o. VAT!)... read more

Posted by Hidde 2005-04-24

CRM-CTT 3.0.0 released

It's here - CRM-CTT 3.0.0. and it's better than ever. Check the changelog for the full list!

Posted by Hidde 2005-04-10

CRM-CTT 2.6.2 released

This version is mainly about workflow. Using the extented event trigger support, you can create real workflows which an entity should follow. Next to that, some other new features (see changelog) and some bugfixes (not all mentioned in changelog).

Posted by Hidde 2005-03-13

2.6.1 Service Release 1

CRM-CTT 2.6.1 SR1 was just released. It's a minor version containing 2 fixes (see changelog for details). It requires no database upgrade; just unpack the files over the existing one, but again, be sure to save your config file first to prevent it from being overwritten by the empty distributed one.

Posted by Hidde 2005-03-06

2.6.1 March 2nd Update

A new file package was placed on sourceforge today. This file package has no database upgrades other than the regular 2.6.1 upgrades. No real serious bugfixes, though it's recommended to extract these files (thus replacing the old files) - don't forget to copy your first.

Posted by Hidde 2005-03-02

CRM-CTT 2.6.1 Released

The first version of CRM-CTT which aims to be compatible with PHP-enabled webservers having PHP's configuration directive "REGISTER_GLOBALS" disabled. This is only in beta so far, though it should already work quite good. Any feedback is appriciated. Furthermore, some new features were added, like NOT-operands in filters, auto-assigning of incoming entities, and custom placement of the extra field block. Refer to the changelog for a list of all new features.

Posted by Hidde 2005-02-27

CRM-CTT 2.6.0 finally released!

After heavy testing, CRM-CTT (with a new logo!) is now available for download in the sourceforge download section. Among many other new features, it supports event triggers enabling you to trigger events when a certain value is altered. Next to that, RTF custom-made entity reporting is supported. With this, you can create your own reports with your own company logo, address etc. just by uploading an RTF template. Also, mailmerges are fully supported using HTML-templates. For the full list of new features, take a look at the changelog.

Posted by Hidde 2005-02-12

CRM-CTT 2.6.0 beta available for download

The beta of 2.6.0 is available for download. As this is a beta, please do not use it for production systems. Your feedback is appriciated. Some new features include: a new logo, per-entity invoicing, per-entity templated reporting, new search routines, increased useability and much more.

You can find the download link at the project page (

Posted by Hidde 2005-01-23

CRM-CTT 2.5.2 released!

Version 2.5.2 was just released. This version includes invoice and mailmerge support, adding entities using e-mail, and much more! Check it out! ;)

Posted by Hidde 2004-12-05

CRM-CTT 2.5.1 Released!

CRM-CTT 2.5.1 was just released, included two major requests: 1) time scheduling support for entities, and 2) command-line adding and editing of entities! See the changelog for more!

Posted by Hidde 2004-11-07

CRM-CTT 2.4.6 Released


CRM-CTT was just released. This version includes some nice new features. See the changelog for details!


Posted by Hidde 2004-09-22

CRM-CTT 2.4.5 (sr)

05/09/2004 Version 2.4.5

- Fixed a little bug in management.php
- JavaScript error in cust_insert.php fixed
- More trigger options added - an owner or an assigne is now able to
select to receive e-mail updates every time the entity is edited
- A higher-than-i-liked number of little (buried deep-down) bugs fixed in:
- The management interface
- The limited interface
- The check-db routine
- The edit status and priority variable routines
- The installer
- Some e-mail functions were optimized
- Added an administrative option to block all Excel and PDF export functions
for non-adminisrative users

Posted by Hidde 2004-09-06

2.4.4. Released

CRM-CTT 2.4.4 was just released. It mainly a maintenance version - no database changes were made for this version. It does however add some features, mostly in navigation between repositories. When not interested, it's safe to skip this version and install this version together with the next one.

Posted by Hidde 2004-08-29

CRM-CTT 2.4.3 Released

- Users can now switch dynamically between repositories, if their account
information (username/password) is consistant. As always, the administrator
can disable this feature, or set it to only show when the user is an admin.
The repository switcher appears on the main page and on the admin page.
- The due_notify now can also send an e-mail containing all the receipients
non-deleted entities (both HTML and text)
- Users can now edit their own profile (full name, password, daily entity
mail subscription). This can be disabled in the administration section
(directive LetUserEditOwnProfile)
- The administrator can send an entity list mail to all users manually (admin section)
- Improved the routine which pops up the calendar (it now only comes once)
- Improved the routine which auto-inserts the date and time
- Major code cleanup
- 2.4.2 error with temporary files location fixed
- New build procedure (lots of work, but you won't mention :))

Posted by Hidde 2004-08-22

CRM-CTT 2.4.2 Released

We've just released 2.4.2 - for the new features, see the changelog. As several bugs were fixed in this release, we recommend installing this version. And.. as always, it also adds some nice features!

Posted by Hidde 2004-08-11

CRM-CTT 2.4.1 Released

Version 2.4.1 was released today, june 20 2004. The main focus for this release was performance; it's much faster, especially when using very large repositories. Besides that, some features were added, mostly by request.

Posted by Hidde 2004-06-20

CRM 2.4 Released

Hi all,

Today we've released CRM 2.4. It includes, among others, the CRM WebDAV subsystem. Please let us know your findings.

The CRM team

Posted by Hidde 2004-05-23

2.4: More feedback needed!!

Before releasing 2.4, we need more feedback if you tested the pre1 & pre2 versions! Even if it all works perfectly for you, please please please let us know. We must be sure that 2.4 is stable!

Posted by Hidde 2004-05-01

CRM 2.4 Coming soon!

2.4 is nearing completion; it will support multi date formats (e.g. dd-mm-yyyy AND mm-dd-yyyy) and WebDAV (aka webfolders) to edit your files online.

Posted by Hidde 2004-04-10