CRM-CTT 3.4.1 Released

Version 3.4.1 was just placed on sourceforge. It contains lots of new features and big fixes. Here's the index of changes:


- Extensive intelligent caching routines added. To be switched on (default) or off by
altering global directive USE_EXTENDED_CACHE. This method may gain performace im-
provements up to 80%. When this function is enabled, you'll see a CRM-CTT logo and
an animated GIF image when you log on or switch repostories. When you see this, CRM
is building your cache arrays. It takes a little time but believe me, it's very use-
ful in most cases. To test if your database is faster with EXTENDED_CACHE enabled, run
"php -q update_cache.php -c MYSQLDATABASENAME" on the command line.
- Binairy data is now stored in a tertiary table. Faster, but it makes the upgrade routine
a little heavy this time.

Extra fields

- Per-user and per-group access rights definition for extra fields (cool option!)
- Box sizes can now be set for numeric and text fields (e.g. not for textareas)
- New extra field type: "List Of Values". This is a field (type textbox) which can
hold multiple values.
- New extra field type: "Drop-down based on customer list of values" (entity only). This
type will present a drop-down box, filled with values based upon an extra customer
field of type "List of values". (cool option!)

Forms & templates

- You can now also create your own (summary page) HTML-reports. Thanks to hakansoyler@sf
for bringing up the idea. (cool option!)
- Under the main edit screen, a pulldown box is presented to switch the entity to
another form type (admins only)
- Customer edit screens now contain the RTF-report icon, and it is also available
as template tag.
- Attaching files from WebDav is now also possible with custom made forms


- New trigger available: on event XX set form-id of the concerning entity to YY

Security & user accounts

- New clearance level: "full access though only see own assigned entities". This
user is the same as the "full access though only edit own assigned entities" except
that this new user cannot see any other entities than the ones assigned to him/her.
- Personal list layout settings are now stored in the database instead of in a cookie.
- Custom navigation tabs can now be assigned to profiles (next to users)
- Custom navigation tabs can now also show any of your HTML templates


- New admin item (system configuration) : show trace link. Using a cookie you can now
enable the trace link (with log info) only for yourself (e.g. without bothering other
users with it)
- Entity double-add-within-the-hour checking is now configurable (though still on by default)
- Updated manual

Management information

- Added section "Form breakdown" to the "Quick summary" management information section

Bug fixes

- Bug fixed: when FormFinity is switched off, form-access-checking is disabled now to
avoid the nobody-can-see-any-entity-bug.
- Bug fixed: the calendar sometimes showed entities which shouldn't be visible
- Bug fixed: single-entity-invoicing icon works again
- Bug fixed: adding entities from e-mail is now FormFinity-compatible (thanks to Edwin)
- Bug fixed: EntityRelations select box now looks normal in custom made form
- Bug fixed: Exchange HTML-emails now are stripped (HTML is stripped off)
- Bug fixed: calendar shows no red duedate links in next months, only current
- Bug fixed: Priority isn't saved when a limited user adds an entity in a
custom made form
- Bug fixed: The AutoComplete list sometimes contained categories of entities the
user is not allowed to see.

Posted by Hidde 2006-02-27

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