Still alive?

  • Josh

    Josh - 2011-05-25

    I was just wondering whether Critterding is still being developed. I think the project has great potential but still needs lots of work. I have some suggestions but the source code scares so it's very unlikely for me to implement anything myself.

    Anyway, one of the things I would really love to see developed is changing the look and movement of critters. I think this can be done incrementally and the first step I would suggest is working on joints. Joints seem to be handled in a weird way which causes movement to look really strange too. Because all the shapes a critter consists of are Cuboids movement is restricted and looks unnatural. I can't really get too technical here because I don't know the details of how things work. But basically what I'm suggesting is that ball joints get introduced (and then more kinds of joints eventually) to replace the current system.

    So, is anyone still interested in this project?

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-07

    Well I am, but I'm not a coder
    I use the program and have a zoo of quite a number of interesting species, and rank them (see section critters)

    Stumbled on this project yesterday
    It looks interesting, is interactive and a multiplayer world

    It is still on invitation, but you can get in by requesting on the forum
    It is an artificial life simulator, that was turned into a game
    The creatures evolve for speed - but you control them (what to do, which direction, etc …)
    You basically set the instructions for the next 24hours
    The purpose is to assimilate other players creatures, and become the dominant species
    First 3d evosim I found that was made into a multi-player game

    (it takes a couple of hours before your sim is born, until that time there is not much you can do, so hang on  8) - your creature starts evolving once it gets the first instructions )


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