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The First Three Years datafile! Plus a new CRFHArchive...

Delete your old datafiles and replace them with this one! - - which contains the whole of the First Three Years of CRFH! It's 616K. Many, many thanks to all the transcribers who worked so hard to get this out.

Alternatively, the new version of CRFHArchive - highly recommended anyway, since it includes speed fixes and a brand new Online Update Centre that'll download new datafiles for you - can grab the file itself.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2002-01-06

New datafile / CRFHSearch released

Ladies and gentlemen!

The first fully-proofread CRFH Archive Project datafile is out, complete up to (and including) Mr. Hand Strikes Back! Grab it here - and copy it into your program directory!

Alfedenzo's also released an new version of his CRFHSearch program, complete with the datafile. All available from the project's homepage at read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-12-06

Yes, we're still alive...

But there's a lot of work to be done behind the scenes. Rest assured, we're working on it!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-11

CRFH Web Search 1.0 released!

Yep, the CRFH Web Search, programmed by Luis Alejandro Gonzlez Miranda, has now been released! Grab the source code from our files page -

Or check out the search in action at !

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-31

Yet Another New Site Design

Yep. The old one was too cluttered, and didn't fit the news on the front page, so in a fit of creative energy (which doesn't happen often, let me tell you), I redesigned it.

This should be stable for a while, at least...

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-30

Alfedenzo's CRFHSearch 1.0 released!

Windows users now have a choice of two searching applications! Try Alfedenzo's CRFHSearch here!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-29

New Site Design!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-25

CRFHSAA Files Moved to SourceForge

The CRFH Semi-Auto-Archiver is now totally available on sourceforge. The console app is available in both a Windows ( and Linux ( version. See the previous news post ( and the readme in the files for details. :)

Posted by Nicholas Bendler 2001-10-24

This time for real...

Some of you may have been wondering why you have heard *nothing* from the Linux port of this project...
Well, simply put, because nothing has happened except me making a godawful mess of my computer, but that should be fixed now.
Expect a pre-alpha release sometime soon.

Posted by Svein Ove Aas 2001-10-24

ASimPerson releases Semi-Auto-Archiver

I've just written a console app for Windows and Linux that'll ease the process of transcribing strips. The College Roomies From Hell!!! Semi-Auto-Archiver just asks for the standard transcription data and prints it out in a nice text file for you, which you can correct yourself.

NOTE: The existing (2) archivers have blocks reserved already. Please contact TDS at to grab yourself a chunk before archiving. Thanks :)... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-24

Amorph joins the team!

James Robinson, alias Amorph, has joined the team as a Mac programmer!

Expect a Mac version of the archive to approach soon... :)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-21

w32-alpha-0-1-12 released

New features including launching of default web browser when doubleclicking on a strip and other cosmetic enhancements.

Next release will be after proofreading and data analysis is complete... which could be a while.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-18

Maritza on alpha-0-1-1

Maritza Campos, creator of CRFH!!!, had this to say about the Alpha release:


While I'm not quite so enthusiastic about how good the alpha-0-1-1 release is, it's nice to know that it's being appreciated!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-18

First W32 Alpha Release

Yep, it's there. First, unpolished, raw, alpha release. Go get it from the files section! :-)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-17

SourceForge Project Launch

The SourceForge project for the CRFH Archive has been launched. Fairly soon, alpha versions of the open-source Windows and Linux searches should be released for comments and bug testing.

The ball has started rolling...

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-17

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