I got inner exception:
        java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 9
at cern.colt.matrix.impl.DenseDoubleMatrix2D.getQuick(DenseDoubleMatrix2D.java:394)
at iitb.CRF.Trainer.computeLogMi(Trainer.java:318)
at iitb.CRF.NestedTrainer.computeFunctionGradientLL(NestedTrainer.java:232)
at iitb.CRF.NestedTrainer.computeFunctionGradient(NestedTrainer.java:20)
at iitb.CRF.Trainer.doTrain(Trainer.java:122)
at iitb.CRF.Trainer.train(Trainer.java:70)
at iitb.CRF.CRF.train(CRF.java:107)
at iitb.CRF.CRF.train(CRF.java:98)
at Runner.Program.main(Program.java:90)

I implemented simple SegmentDataSequence and DataIter to operate with sequences of objects (pair String text, int Label).
Using standard features, I want to try NestedCRF on sequences:

1) cat (0) cat (0) cat (0) dog (1) dog (1)
2) cat (0) cat (0) dog (1) dog (1) dog (1)
3) cat (0) dog (1) dog (1) dog (1) cat (0)

first two for train, third for segmentation

my code:
MyDataSequence data1, data2, data3;
ArrayList<MyDataSequence> myDataSequences;
FeatureGenImpl featureGen = new FeatureGenImpl("naive,boundary,boundary",2, true);
NestedCRF crf = new NestedCRF(3, featureGen, "");
MyDataIter dataIter = new MyDataIter(myDataSequences);

Can somebody tell what's wrong?

With Best Regards, Valentin P.