Here are the answers to your questions.
1. Using CRF package from Eclipse is very easy. You just need to understand a tool called 'ant' and see how it is used to create/manage projects. Importing CRF package in eclipse is straightforward
2. Regarding how to generate training / test data and some application to understand how to use CRF package, it is recommended to go through the CRF package tutorial first http://crf.sourceforge.net/introduction/
There is a template for a sample application called CRFAppl. An implementation of the same template can be found here
3. There is no fixed format for training or test data. There are few interfaces which need to be implemented by your application. Once you go through the sample implementation, things will become more clear.

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From: "bailiang" <lbai@computing.dcu.ie >
Subject: [Crf-users] ask for a help
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Dear all,
I am a PHD student in Dublin City University. My name is Liang Bai.
My research direction is digital video content analysis and retrieval. Recently, I do a work on image sequences segmentation.
As known, CRF is an effective model for sequence data label and segment. So I want to use it in my work. I have downloaded CRF1.2 package developed by you from sourceforge website. But I am not familiar with Java programming. The template for implementing CRF application using CRF1.2 shown in the website is not detail enough for me to understand how to use it in a Java SDK, such as Eclipse. So could you please give me a help for this, for example a description of an application in detail.
Another question, how to generate the train data file and test data file? manually? And could you give me a description for the formation of them?
thank you very much!
Best regards
Liang Bai
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