Dear all,
I am a PHD student in Dublin City University. My name is Liang Bai.
My research direction is digital video content analysis and retrieval. Recently, I do a work on image sequences segmentation.
As known, CRF is an effective model for sequence data label and segment. So I want to use it in my work. I have downloaded CRF1.2 package developed by you from sourceforge website. But I am not familiar with Java programming. The template for implementing CRF application using CRF1.2 shown in the website is not detail enough for me to understand how to use it in a Java SDK, such as Eclipse. So could you please give me a help for this, for example a description of an application in detail.
Another question, how to generate the train data file and test data file? manually? And could you give me a description for the formation of them?
thank you very much!
Best regards
Liang Bai