Text alignment for partially sighted

  • John Stanley

    John Stanley - 2011-09-29

    I got an Android tablet for my father whose eyesight suffered in a stroke.  Cool Reader has the best adjustments of all readers except for one thing - it's not possible to stop the text being left-and right justified.

    I need to set the largest font size - 72 point, bolded font, slightly increased line spacing, reduced margins to get the longest line length, no hyphenation.  These are all settings provided by Cool Reader.  My father reads with the tablet oriented in portrait so the lines are not too long, because he loses his way on longer lines.

    The effect is that the justification of the text leaves drastically uneven spacing of the words on a line.  If the words are long, there may be just two words separated by a very large space.  This is hard for him, because one of the effects of the stroke is that he doesn't at first see the right half of words.  So he gets confused by the variation in blank space between words.  Is it blank space, or is it word that he's not seeing?

    If you could add a setting for left-alignment to the MANY other adjustments (more than any other reader!) that would make Cool Reader the clear winner for accessibility by partially sighted readers.

    Thank you for a Cool Reader!

  • Olexandr

    Olexandr - 2012-04-22

    johnstanley : Try change settings in settings file cr3.ini:
    styles.def.align=text-align: left

    Or change style in css file:
    for epub: epub.css - found string "*.justindent { text-align: justify;" and change justify>left (or right)


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