Cream (for Vim) Version 0.41 Released

Cream ( has released the latest version
of an easy-to-use configuration for Vim. Cream configures the famous
and free Vim text editor so that it is simple to use for those of us
familiar with Apple or Windows platform software. Through intuitive
menus, keyboard shortcuts, and extensive editing functions, Cream
makes Vim approachable for new users and adds powerful features for
experienced users on both Windows and Linux.


This is a minor release that includes the new context sensitive
Omni-completion feature from Vim 7. Also added or revised are a new
GPG encryption add-on, highlighting of URLs and email addresses,
opening URLs under the cursor in a web browser (Shift+Enter), typing
tutor improvements and a new Matrix color scheme.


o New Omni-completion (context sensitive) feature (Ctrl+Enter).

o New Add-on for Encrypt GnuPG.

o New Open URL under cursor in browser (Shift+Enter).

o Revised Open File under cursor key (Shift+Enter).

o Typing tutor add-on improvements.

o New Matrix color scheme.

o New highlighting of URLs and email addresses.

More information is available at

Posted by Steve Hall 2012-12-12

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