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First, thanks for the reply. I understand that many programmers don't have enough time to reply to users.

> Because I am a Korean, I need some automatic language
> configurations, which are automated by default.

I'm curious what these are, how does it know what to do? Do you have
to select the language from the list or does it detect language
somehow from the environment?

I believe the Cream OCI (AKA one-click installer) already does some of the configuration (e.g. Automatic language detect and selecting appropriate translation of the menu--or is it done by Vim itself?). However, it does not configure the Vim Tutor's language, too. When I install Vim, the tutor automatically chooses the Korean version of the tutor file. Since I understand English a bit (which is quite obvious in the first place), I could do with the English tutor. However, I would still prefer the Korean tutor file, thank you.
> Also, the installation is missing vim (because it works only on
> gVim, obviously) plus many batch file configurations.

Our gvim installer without Cream has both. But we don't include it
with the Cream one since they are not compatible. (Besides, vim in a
Windows Command Prompt is flakey at best according to the help.)

It is? I didn't know that. I thought that Vim in Command Prompt was just as powerful, and perhaps a bit more stylish, than gVim.

> Am I asking too much by wanting both flexibility and ease of use?

Not at all, although I'm not certain all the utility of the binary
installer can be reproduced in NSIS.

I wouldn't worry about that. Except for the fact that it is rather hard to learn, the NSIS language is quite powerful, able to create installers that "doesn't suck and isn't huge." I am quite sure that whatever the binary installer does, NSIS would be able to emulate--with a few tricks and the right plugins. I wonder if it would be possible to just reuse or hack the binary installer part. I mean, it's the part of the open-source Vim's code.

If you can help me pinpoint exactly what is missing, we may be able to
fix things. We don't ever want to leave users out in the cold, but
sometimes there are a lot of dependencies to make something work.

Well, here goes...

The first thing I found is a need for a  README file at the base of the source installation tarball ( cream-0.39.tar.gz as of current). I wandered around for a few minutes before finding the INSTALL.BAT file. It wasn't really pleasant to wander there.

Another thing: cream-0.39.tar.gz/docs/WINDOWS.txt is out of date, and creamopen.vbs and all its subsidaries don't work (at least, not for me). How about just distributing them as script files in an additional directory called "WINDOWS"? It will be redundant, of course, but make installation easier for us.
Last question: can I run the one-click Vim/Cream installer on top of an existing full installation of Vim?