Thanks indeed for the rapid reply! :

"maybe you meant encoding instead of font?"
Hmmm, currently it is "font" I am changing, to get say the Apl font
 - works fine, but as I say, I then also need other tabs working with just the standard Fixedsys font.

"However, we do not change fileencoding unless the user specifically does this through the Format menu item."
 I am not quite clear what fileencoding does usefully change - presumably the mapping of the characters ?
- if I select Greek fileencoding, say, an "a" still gives me an "a", not <alpha>, (which I would expect to get from a font change).

I will also go ask my questions in a Vim group,
but thanks for the comments,

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On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 01:32 +0000, Dr. Beau Webber wrote:
> Hi,
> have recently found Cream, while updating Vim - seems to have some
> very nice features, so giving it a try, though Vi and regexp are
> hardwired into my fingers (have been using Ed/Vi since well before the
> Vax 750 days - use Sed as a programming language ..... )
>  - so trying Cream in expert mode ...

> Note sure if this a Cream or Vim question :
> I love the tabs for different files
> -  One point I note though, is that "Font" seems to be global across
> all tabs.

I'm unaware of how to use different fonts across different Buffers, can Vim even do this?

> I often use Vi to keep experimental logs with strange character sets
> (I program in a number of graphical languages including Apl) and thus
> switch these logs to the approprate character set. But I also need
> other edit windows open with a standard font.

Ah, maybe you meant encoding instead of font? Cream uses a global keyboard encoding to ensure that mappings, menus, and function calls are sane across buffers. However, we do not change fileencoding unless the user specifically does this through the Format menu item.

(Although to be honest, I'm not sure what Vim does behind the scenes that Cream has no control of.)

> In time, I will suspect that I will also find that this query also
> applies to keyboard
>  - a pointer on how to add and define a new keyboard would also be 
> appreciated.

I'm not certain, but there may be someone else here better suited to answer this.

> It seems to me that Vim/Cream now have the flexibility and power to
> put back physics/maths/apl font and keyboard facilities that I have
> lost since I gave in and switched from the Atari TT to the PC....
> cheers,

We appreciate the feedback, please let us know of any bugs you find.

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