have recently found Cream, while updating Vim -
seems to have some very nice features, so giving it a try, though Vi and regexp are hardwired into my fingers
(have been using Ed/Vi since well before the Vax 750 days - use Sed as a programming language ..... )
 - so trying Cream in expert mode ...
Note sure if this a Cream or Vim question :
I love the tabs for different files
-  One point I note though, is that "Font" seems to be global across all tabs.
I often use Vi to keep experimental logs with strange character sets (I program in a number of graphical languages including Apl)
and thus switch these logs to the approprate character set. But I also need other edit windows open with a standard font.
In time, I will suspect that I will also find that this query also applies to keyboard
 - a pointer on how to add and define a new keyboard would also be appreciated.
It seems to me that Vim/Cream now have the flexibility and power to put back physics/maths/apl font and keyboard facilities that I have lost since I gave in and switched from the Atari TT to the PC....
    Beau Webber