Hey folks,

Trying to get Cream working with MacVim (one of two mac vim porting projects, this is the one that is still maintained).

I've been a vi user for 20 years, and have done a fair amount of gvim on linux, but I'm trying to move my devel enviroment to OS X.

I'm installing MacVim using brew, which puts the $VIMRUNTIME here:


Which I had to force into $VRT in the INSTALL.sh script and it put things in the "right" place.  It's working and cream comes up from the command line and has all the nice menu options and numbered buffers and colors.

My next problem is that MacVim doesn't like *.xpm icons in the toolbar and would prefer *.png or *.tiff.  Converting them is easy enough, but then I need to tell cream to use them instead.

I found the following line in cream-cream-release.vim starting at line 174:

    execute ':' . mysilent . '!' . copycmd . ' ' . quote . cream_cvs . slash . 'addons'     . slash . '*.vim'  . quote . ' ' . quote . releasedir . slash . 'addons' . quote
    if     rformat == "windows"
        let bitmap = '*.bmp'
    elseif rformat == "unix"
        let bitmap = '*.xpm'
        let bitmap = '*.*'

Inside cream I've run ":let" to look at the variables, but I don't see a value for "rformat" and I can't seem to get that "execute" to evaluate in ex mode, but I suspect this is because we're in level of vimscript here that is beyond my current skill.  How can I find out the value of rformat on my system?  Then I'm going to add let bitmap = '*.png' and see if everything is magically okay.

Huh, I supposed I could try doing that in my own .creamrc, but that's not really the "right" way to solve this problem.

​Also, if this is simple enough, I'll happily submit a diff with converted icons and the three lines of code I suspect are needed to increase your support of an "unsupported" MacVimCream.​


Indy M. Siverd