On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 3:18 AM, Dmitry Frank <dimon.frank@gmail.com>
> I just checked that there is Vim 7.4.110 built with +ruby
> and I see that :version returns +ruby/dyn , but has('ruby') still
> returns 0.
> I tried :ruby puts 1 , it failed: it seems, it can't find ruby
> installed on the machine. But, Vim 7.3 works just fine with ruby.
> (ruby version is 1.9.3p392 )
> What could be wrong?

Good question, same problem for me. I don't understand the Vim
internals, but it seems like some of the outlier build and dependency
changes aren't yet up to date. (I'm counting my cross-platform build
as one of them.)

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