On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 10:14 PM, umberto boccioni <vexware@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm having an issue getting Vundle, the plug-in installer, running
> normally with Cream (Win7x64, using the v7.3.107 binaries).  The
> issue amounts to having to run :BundleInstall (usually a one-time
> command) each time I start Vim/Cream.  I outlined the issue here
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20666115/is-bundleinstall-for-vundle-required-every-time-vim-is-started/
> , and it was speculated that it was related to something Cream is
> doing to the runtime path (since that's the only thing
> :BundleInstall does if the requisite plugins have already been
> downloaded/copied).  I have the Vundle commands in my cream-user.vim
> file, which, per documentation is "loaded at the end of startup. We
> recommend that all customizations be placed here so they are able to
> over-ride any Cream settings if desired."   I'm not sure what
> constitutes "end of startup," but I do note quite a few files are
> listed after cream-user.vim in the scriptnames listing.
> Is the issue Cream-related?  Having to type :BundleInstall each time
> is a fairly trivial workaround, so I'm willing to live with it for
> now.

Is Vundle required each session or is it simply a script version
updater to be run manually?

Cream uses a series of autocmds (in cream-autocmd.vim) to manage
global variables and corresponding buffer variables which control just
about everything from menus, windows, tabs, buffers, syntax
highlighting, etc. Depending on what you need Vundle to do, it's
autocmds will need to be coordinated. I can give you some more tips if
you need.

If it is simply a path set, your &rtp setting looks okay to me. I
recommend putting everything into functions so you have better

   function! MyVundle()
       " do Vundle stuff here

   " below will be called every time, comment and call it
   " from command line to control manually
   call MyVundle()

   " sets a keystroke to do this
   imap <silent> <F12> <C-l>:call MyVundle()<CR>

Make sense?

Where is AutoSaveToggle defined? This is not a standard Vim command,
and doesn't appear to be defined by your customizations according to
your E492 error.

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