I'm using Python2.

I see that Vim binary has +python3/dyn, but -python  and  -ruby. 
Please note that another Vim 7.4 binary is built successfully with +python and +ruby : http://tuxproject.de.nyud.net/projects/vim/ (current version is 7.4.51 there)

2013/10/27 Steve Hall <digitect@dancingpaper.com>
On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 2:52 PM, Dmitry Frank <dimon.frank@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just have noticed that Vim 7.4.x built for Windows are built with
> -ruby and -python .  This is pretty disappointed for me, I have to
> switch back to 7.3.x, since it is built with +ruby and +python.
> Could you please build Vim 7.4 with +ruby and +python again? Or, why
> have you decided to exclude these features?

What version of Python are you trying to use? I'm working today on
getting both 2 and 3 included instead of just the first. We'll see.

I'm disappointed about the Ruby, too, but Vim's build system has been
long broken with these features. I think there was a recent patch, so
maybe it is finally fixed. I'll include features as soon as Vim's
build works with them.

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