I'm having an issue getting Vundle, the plug-in installer, running normally with Cream (Win7x64, using the v7.3.107 binaries).  The issue amounts to having to run :BundleInstall (usually a one-time command) each time I start Vim/Cream.  I outlined the issue here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20666115/is-bundleinstall-for-vundle-required-every-time-vim-is-started/ , and it was speculated that it was related to something Cream is doing to the runtime path (since that's the only thing :BundleInstall does if the requisite plugins have already been downloaded/copied).  I have the Vundle commands in my cream-user.vim file, which, per documentation is "loaded at the end of startup. We recommend that all customizations be placed here so they are able to over-ride any Cream settings if desired."   I'm not sure what constitutes "end of startup," but I do note quite a few files are listed after cream-user.vim in the scriptnames listing.

Is the issue Cream-related?  Having to type :BundleInstall each time is a fairly trivial workaround, so I'm willing to live with it for now.