Hi all,

This is my first post to the mailing list.  I use Cream on both Linux and Windows and am attempting to get it running on OS X (10.5 Leopard).

I am using:

Vim 7.0.224 for OS X downloaded from the official VIM site the output of vim -h gives:

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.0 (2006 May 7, compiled Mar 30 2007 12:57:49)

I have installed Cream using the command line install method setting :

export VIMRUNTIME="/Applications/Vim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/runtime"

then installing Cream:

INSTALL.sh /usr/local/bin

When I try to run Cream from the command line vim complains that is doesn't support the option --servername (Which I believe is the cause of the problem...)

If I remove the --servername "CREAM" from the cream shell script then it goes further, a vim window opens, but dies shortly after.

If I start cream from inside a running gvim session then I get the following problems:

:source $VIMRUNTIME/cream/creamrc

vim sloooowly starts cream...  You can see the menus being recreated, then it complains about a script error:

Error etected while processing function Cream_statusline_autowrapOFF:
line   5:
E121: Undefined variable: g:CREAM_AUTOWRAP_WIDTH

pressing return then gives a second error that is effectively the same problem.  However, continuing through does seem to start cream.  It either ignores the setting of expert mode in the ~/.cream/cream- conf.vim or the mapping of the escape key is not correct, but this is a minor problem at the monent.

I can get into vim mode using <ctrl>-L

When I issue the command:

:doautoall VimEnter

the window effectively closes, giving me the option to save any modified documents.

I think this is related to that fact that cream tries to start a named server and move all documents across to a remote instance of the named server, but somehow this isn't supported in the OS X version of VIM.

As an aside on OS X there is an additional application installed that gvim.app as opposed to vim.app.  If I find the executable it doesn't complain about not supporting the --servername option, but it doesn't respond to -h either, so not sure whether this would help either...

Any help or pointers of what to try next would be greatly appreciated.