I tried the :hel :fixdel stuff, but it doesn't work. I'm not 100% positivie I did it the right way, thoug:
If the backspace key terminal code is wrong you can
use this:
:if &term == "termname"
: set t_kb=^V<BS>
: fixdel
Where "^V" is CTRL-V and "<BS>" is the backspace key
(don't type four characters!). Replace "termname"
with your terminal name.
the "termname" stuff really doesn't apply to cream-on-a-mac, but the "set t_kb..." should work without the if, right? Not really sure what I should write to get the correct key sequence: CTRL-V gives me a "^", and pressing CTRL-V again gives a "^V" as above, but the backspace cancels (yes: backspace *does* work on the command line! Bizzare...), so I did a CTRL-Backspace, and got "set t_kb=^V^H". That executed without errors., but made no difference...


On 4/18/05, Steve Hall <digitect@mindspring.com> wrote:
From: david palm, Apr 18, 2005 12:22 PM
> Ok, got it (rather easy, actually: "gvim --version" from a terminal;
> excuse me for that one...):

Below is a list comparing your binary with my Win32 one (available on
the site). There are only three I notice that should make a difference

But none of these should impact your backspace. You might try the
suggestion at :help :fixdel found here:


You can try it from the command line before dropping it in your

Steve Hall  [ digitect mindspring com ]

  David's           Steve's

  +arabic           +arabic
  +autocmd          +autocmd
* -balloon_eval     +balloon_eval
  +browse           +browse
  ++builtin_terms   ++builtin_terms
  +byte_offset      +byte_offset
  +cindent          +cindent
* -clientserver     +clientserver
  +clipboard        +clipboard
  +cmdline_compl    +cmdline_compl
  +cmdline_hist     +cmdline_hist
  +cmdline_info     +cmdline_info
  +comments         +comments
  +cryptv           +cryptv
  +cscope           +cscope
  +dialog_con_gui   +dialog_con_gui
  +diff             +diff
  +digraphs         +digraphs
  -dnd              -dnd
  -ebcdic           -ebcdic
  +emacs_tags       +emacs_tags
  +eval             +eval
  +ex_extra         +ex_extra
  +extra_search     +extra_search
  +farsi            +farsi
  +file_in_path     +file_in_path
  +find_in_path     +find_in_path
  +folding          +folding
  -footer           -footer
  -gettext          +gettext/dyn
  -hangul_input     -hangul_input
  +iconv            +iconv/dyn
  +insert_expand    +insert_expand
  +jumplist         +jumplist
  +keymap           +keymap
  +langmap          +langmap
  +libcall          +libcall
  +linebreak        +linebreak
  +lispindent       +lispindent
  +listcmds         +listcmds
  +localmap         +localmap
  +menu             +menu
  +mksession        +mksession
  +modify_fname     +modify_fname
  +mouse            +mouse
  -mouseshape       +mouseshape
  +multi_byte       +multi_byte_ime/dyn
  +multi_lang       +multi_lang
  -netbeans_intg    +netbeans_intg
  -osfiletype       -osfiletype
  +path_extra       +path_extra
  +perl             +perl/dyn
  +postscript       -postscript
  +printer          +printer
  +python           +python/dyn
  +quickfix         +quickfix
  +rightleft        +rightleft
  +ruby             +ruby/dyn
  +scrollbind       +scrollbind
  +signs            +signs
  +smartindent      +smartindent
  -sniff            -sniff
  +statusline       +statusline
  -sun_workshop     -sun_workshop
  +syntax           +syntax
  +tag_binary       +tag_binary
  +tag_old_static   +tag_old_static
  -tag_any_white    -tag_any_white
  +tcl              +tcl/dyn
  +terminfo         -tgetent
  +termresponse     -termresponse
  +textobjects      +textobjects
  +title            +title
* -toolbar          +toolbar
  +user_commands    +user_commands
  +vertsplit        +vertsplit
  +virtualedit      +virtualedit
  +visual           +visual
  +visualextra      +visualextra
  +viminfo          +viminfo
  +vreplace         +vreplace
  +wildignore       +wildignore
  +wildmenu         +wildmenu
  +windows          +windows
  +writebackup      +writebackup
  -xfontset         -xfontset
  -xim              -xim
  -xterm_save       -xterm_save