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On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 22:16:59 +0200 Jean-Philippe LEBOEUF
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digitect@mindspring.com wrote:
* Do you have .bmp icon files in [yourpath]/cream/bitmaps?
Oupss, no.. I've forgotten "use folder names" with the unzip tools

Whew, at least that was easy to solve.

It works, but there is another problem : no transparency with icons
(see screenshot).

Ugh, it turns out gVim bitmaps for the Window's platform must be 4-bit
color in order for transparency to function properly. I've always used
the "Classic" theme which has the medium grey as background so I'd
never noticed, but when I change theme color I see it too.

Replace your .bmp files with the attached; they work for me.
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, I assume by your name spelling and domain that you are a native
French speaker. Would you be interested in helping us create a French
spelling dictionary? Please? ;)
OK, but what's the job ?
 I've not so much time :(

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