This is Linux? Do you change tabs by mouse clicking, keystroke or does
it matter?

It's Linux, Open SUSE 10.3, ViM 7.1. I do that tab changing by mouse clicks. But it doesn't seem to be caused by the tab switching method since it happens only sometimes.

Can you give me some details about your installation? It sound like a
gvim/cream server issue--are you using the default shell script

 gvim --servername "CREAM" -U NONE -u "\$VIMRUNTIME/cream/creamrc" "$@"

Yes, I use the default script. The problem looks to be more complex. For instance, when I try to open a number of files (say six), then I close one and open another, the closed file appears on of the the tabs again while the invoked file is not opened and I have to type "cream filename" again - then, the desired file is typically opened.



We force the "CREAM" servername to improve startup speed, but if this
isn't explicit, there can be delay while vim looks for other servers.

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